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Your Story: Stacey Nishijima Ferguson

“I am a proud 4th generation Japanese American, also known as “Yonsei” in our community. My great-grandparents were 1st generation Issei and my grandmother 2nd generation Nisei.  My family’s experiences with racism go back to when my great grandfather first came to the US. He was in Hawaii working on the pineapple and sugarcane plantations....

Your Story: Chantelle Limón

“I was born and raised a proud American. At an early age, I learned that my grandparents immigrated here from Mexico in the 1950s in pursuit of life, liberty, and opportunity for their family. I remember my grandmother Marina wore an apron and clip-on earrings, every day. She spoke to you in Spanish and smiled...

Your Story: Felipe Sanchez

“When meeting new people, they usually do not ask me where I am from. The question that I do get asked is what part of Mexico am I from. They seem to assume that I am not from the United States and that I am from Mexico. Their assumptions frustrate me because as I stand...

Your Story: Where are you from?

Feel free to share your “Where are you from?” story. We’d love to hear how it was asked and how you answered.

Your Story: Experience Racism?

Feel free to share your story. The more voices, the better.